I will preface this by saying that I have some great clients. But all business owners will admit that there are a few things that clients do that make their job a bit tougher…OK a lot tougher. :-) My biggest pet peeve as a designer is lack of trust. One of the main reasons designers are hired is because we have the experience to help make a client’s dream and vision a reality. The key word here is “experience.”We know which materials work best with specific applications and have access to products our clients didn’t even know existed. Designers have a good understanding of the best colors because we have painted and accessorized more rooms in a few months or years than a client will have done in his/her entire life. Additionally, designers are constantly reading, visiting design centers and going to trade shows, so we have an excellent understanding of what the latest trends are in design.It is understood that designers should always keep their client’s vision top of mind and they should not do whatever they want with a client’s project (unless the client gives the designer carte blanche – a designer’s dream come true!). But I can say from personal experience, when clients let their designers push them out of their comfort zone – even just a little bit – the outcome exceeds their expectations and results in a much more beautiful room and satisfying experience. Trust your designer!